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GoldVein is equal parts technical accomplishment and artistic expression. Months of research, specialized machinery, a tailored process, and modern technologies make the creation of these objects possible. Enabling us to do what has been tried in vein for centuries - combining the exclusivity of Gold with the strength and hardness of steel to form a cutting tool with no equal.




When we say that the properties of our steel formulations are tailored for the application at hand, we mean it. Raw materials are combined in-house using a closely controlled induction melting process in a protective gas atmosphere. The steel is then cast, forged, and rolled to shape, with only the purest piece of each casting harvested for use. The material is then forge-welded onto itself many times over to further align and refine the grain structure, giving the finished product the resilience and strength needed.



The gold layer is not just an aesthetical element in these blades, it acts as the perfect diffusion barrier between the core steel and the outer cladding. Each of these elements has properties tailored to function. The cladding is tough, resilient, and hardened to a lower point than the core. The edge, or core steel, is capable of forming and holding a very hard, fine edge.  Finally, the gold acts as a barrier again carbon migration between core and cladding, crucial to the ability of the edge itself to perform flawlessly in the kitchen.



The GoldVein heat-treatment process is carefully formulated, designed to achieve the finest grain and carbide structure in order to get the most of the high-carbon, low-alloy tool steels used. The hardening method employs a fluidized sand bed. A high temperature vessel is heated electrically from the outside and is filled with a special ceramic media. By inserting a protective gas through a diffusor the ceramic particles are fluidized. Optimal heat distribution throughout the furnace volume is achieved through a rapid rate of heating. Without the use of any poisonous or environmentally harmful substances (as used in salt baths) the perfect heat treatment is now just a matter of careful control.



Every chef knows that in order to stand up to the demands of the kitchen, a knife's materials are only as good as the geometry and balance at the cutting edge. With decades of combined experience in the culinary knife world, our team refines the many elements of each blade, from the spine's distal taper to the primary bevel geometry, and secondary bevel angle  - calibrated to fraction a millimeter.

DavidMEsser 03258_extended_2_1.jpg


The handle is the connection of the tool to the practitioner's hand. It is the artist's handshake, and each element tells the tale of the maker and the knife. Honest ingredients, like the foundation of an exceptional meal, are the backbone of every GoldVein object. Always of the highest quality, each component is carefully selected for the project at hand.

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To protect and display your knife, each GoldVein object has a custom-made box designed and crafted especially for the edged creation it will contain.

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