GoldVein is as much a technical accomplishment as it is a an artistic expression of the creator. Only months of research, heavy machinery, a tailored process and modern technologies made the production of these knives possible. Enabling us to do what has been tried in vein for centuries - combining the exclusivity of Gold with the strength and hardness of steel to form a cutting tool of the next level.




When we speak of tailoring the properties of the steels we mean it and do not take any shortcuts. We begin from the raw materials and melt the steel for the knife in house  via induction melting in a protective gas atmosphere. The steel is then cast, forged and rolled down to shape and we only take the filet piece of each casting. The material is then forge welded onto itself over and over again to become finer and more resilient.



The gold layer is not just an aesthetical element in these blades, it acts as the perfect diffusion barrier between the core steel and the cladding. Each of these elements has properties tailored to it's job. The cladding is tough to resist cracking, the core steel is capable of forming a very hard, fine edge.  The gold in the middle is the perfect diffusion barrier again carbon migration as it overcomes the corrosion problems of copper and the allergic potential of nickel, both elements which otherwise find application in this type of knife construction.



For the heat treatment of our blades a specifically developed process, designed to achieve the finest grain and carbide structure possible for high carbon low alloy tool steels is applied. The principle of operation is called fluidized sand bed. A high temperature vessel is heated electrically from the outisde and is filled with a special ceramic media. By inserting a protective gas through a diffusor the ceramic particles are fluidized - which means these solid particles get simlar properties to a liquid. In this case the perfect heat distribution throughout the furnace volume and the high heating rates are the properties sought after. Without the use of any poisonous or environmentally harmful substances (as used in salt baths) the perfect heat treatment is now just a matter of the right parameters.



Every chef and knife collector will know that the geometry of the knife is just as import as the materials it is made from. With decades of combined experience in the culinary knife world we are confident in our skills to adjust the shape and cross sectional geometry to the task of the knife - optimised down to fractions a millimeter

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The handle is the connection of the blade to your hand. Its the artists handshake and each element will tell a story around the maker and the knife. Honest ingredients, like the foundation of an exceptional meal, are the backbone of every GOLDVEIN object. Always of the highest quality, each component is carefully
selected for the project at hand.

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To protect and display your GoldVein knife in a truly worthy packaging, every GoldVein knife comes in a box made from solid block of wood. The shape of the knife is inlayd into the wood to make a sturdy and exclusive packaging, tailored to each knife. These boxes are pieces of art by themselves, perfected in countless hours of crafting and feature a stone inlay with plating of pure gold on the outside. Subtle, robust yet elegant.